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jainsons colours


Colored Floorings : Due to their stability under exposure to light and UV radiation, the colors imparted by iron oxides remain fresh and do not fade away. The most used colors for cement/mosaic flooring are red, yellow and black iron oxides.

Paints : Synthetic Iron Oxides Red/Yellow/Black etc. are extensively used in all kinds of decorative paints and industrial paints. These base colors can be mixed together to create a wide variety of other hues. Because of their excellent weather stability, light fastness as well outstanding covering power iron oxides are both durable and reliable for both interior and exterior paints application.

Ceramic Colors and Tiles : Iron Oxides are used to color paving blocks, roofing tiles, and designer ceramic tiles due to their long-lasting color intensity, weather stability and resistance to UV radiation. Colored concrete roofing tiles bring an element of color to individual designs and roofing work. The color range of the entire product portfolio includes Yellows, Reds, Greens, Browns and Blacks. In between these colors a wide variety of additional shades are possible. The shades tend towards the opaque colors found in nature, and thus fit harmoniously with the environment.

Concrete & Building : Iron Oxides shades are added to cement, plasters, concrete blocks, surface textures etc. to bring out the best of building exteriors. These colored finishes can also be used to restore heritage building by matching colors of the blocks/plasters with that of the existing structures.

Plastic (PVC Coatings)/Glass/Rubber Industry : Outstanding heat stability and excellent dispersibility are main qualities that are required for pigments to be used in PVC and rubber industry. Specific grades that have high temperature resistance and have suitable particle size are used to impart brilliant colors to enamel, glass and ceramic surfaces.

Leather Industry/Industrial Coatings/Pigmented Mulch : Due to excellent chemical resistance iron oxides re vastly used in industrial applications. Also, as these are free from heavy metal some grades are also used in the leather industry to impart colors. As Iron oxide pigments are in natural form of hematite, are non-toxic they are widely used in mulch which is widely accepted in the green garden coverage.

We Use The Following Packing Material :
  • HDPE Bags (25kg) with Polyethylene Liner for Iron Oxide
  • 1kg and 10kg Packing for Carbon Black
  • Customized Packing Solutions are also available